Tabernacle Broadcasting Network is a Christian Network that is dedicated to reaching out to all nations with the good news (Gospel) as commanded by our Lord Jesus. We are committed to reaching out to the world using various media including cable networks to propagate the gospel and to ensure that it gets to the ends of the earth. By this mandate, the faith-based Tabernacle Broadcasting Network is also a platform to allow different ministers across the globe to preach the gospel. Our platform is available for all Christian denominations.


We appreciate all our partners who have made it possible for us to share the word through their commitment to prayers and other means of supports in various ways. Your continued support will ensure that our mission is accomplished.

A Brief History of Tabernacle Broadcsting Network

Simeon Owolabi, the President of Tabernacle Broadcasting Network, alongside his wife, Maryan Owolabi, is the visioner of this great commission. He received the mandate from God in 2018 to establish this network. The Lord instructed him to reach out to nations around the world through the media. Although initially hesitant because he felt it was a huge work for him but eventually took courage in what God led him to establish Tabernacle Network. He is also the President of Comforter Covenant Ministry International based in Lagos Nigeria with its international headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is equally the President of Comforter Family Residence and Homes for Seniors currently in Toronto but to still spread to other parts of the world. God commanded Simeon Owolabi to feed, clothe people and visit those who are in need.

simeon owolabi praying at the wailing walls in isreal

the seven candle stick in the tabernacle

simeon owolabi in jericho